Fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV) present critical development challenges that threaten efforts to end extreme poverty. The World Bank Group has launched its first-ever Strategy for Fragility, Conflict and Violence (2020-2025) and is significantly scaling up its FCV support in both low and middle-income countries.

The Independent Evaluation Group is building evidence and promoting learning about effective approaches in fragile contexts through a series of evaluations and reviews. IEG seeks to cover critical aspects of the World Bank Group’s FCV Strategy, to inform its implementation.

Existing IEG resources related to fragility can be viewed below.

Featured Resources:

  • Evaluation 2023: Addressing Gender Inequalities in Countries Affected by Fragility, Conflict, and Violence
  • Evaluation, 2022: World Bank Engagement in Situations of Conflict
  • Evaluation 2024: A Focused Assessment of the International Development Association’s Private Sector Window: An Update to the Independent Evaluation Group’s 2021 Early-Stage Assessment
  • Evaluation, 2021: The World Bank Group’s Experience with the IDA Private Sector Window: An Early-Stage Assessment
  • Podcast, February 2024: Reaching women and girls trapped in violence and conflict
  • Podcast, March 2022: Learning the Lessons of Fragility, Conflict and Violence;
  • Blog Febuary 2024: Addressing gender inequalities in countries affected by fragility, conflict, and violence
  • Blog 2024: The IDA Private Sector Window: Unlocking private investment in the poorest and most fragile countries
  • Blog, March, 2022: A closer look at World Bank Development Policy Financing in fragile states
  • Blog 2022: Ukraine: Lessons to inform the (hopefully) not too distant future
  • Blog, February, 2022: Defueling conflict: building peace through natural resource governance
  • Blog, February, 2022: Debt sustainability in fragile and conflict-affected states: heightened risks and needs
  • Blog, July 2021: The private sector in low income and fragile countries needs more than credit
  • Blog, Feb. 2020: Next steps for the World Bank’s new strategy for fragility, conflict and violence: what does the evidence say? 
  • Blog, Feb. 2020: Conflicting Results: Measuring outcomes in situations of conflict


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