The IEG Methods Papers Series offers publications on evaluation methodological research led by the IEG Methods Advisory Team, and other resources related to the promotion of evaluation knowledge. The publications are designed to provide evaluation professionals with guidance on methodological practices. This page hosts new guidance published since 2020, and will soon provide access to historic publications from IEG running from the late 1990s to 2015 (with no publications in the intervening period).

These resources share lessons learned from the application of novel or innovative methods in IEG evaluations. The series features research report findings from past and ongoing evaluations, serving as a common repository of knowledge relevant to the conduct and practice of evaluation at the World Bank.

The papers present cutting-edge applications of qualitative, quantitative, and multi-method research that seeks to enhance the reliability and validity of development evaluations. The series is aimed at evaluators working in the framework of independent evaluation functions in international development, as well as evaluation practitioners and stakeholders in relevant disciplines.