External Reviews

The World Bank Board, via the Committee On Development Effectiveness, oversees the adequacy, efficiency, and robustness of the Bank’s evaluation system. To that end, the Board periodically commissions independent assessments of IEG that focus on issues core to the effective performance of the evaluation function.

External Review, 2022: This is the third External Review of the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) commissioned by the World Bank Group (WBG) Board of Executive Directors (Board) and overseen by the Committee on Development Effectiveness (CODE). The 2022 External Review includes primarily a forward-looking assessment of IEG’s effectiveness in delivering on its mandate, along with an assessment of responses to the recommendations of the last external review in 2015.

Meta-Evaluation: The meta-evaluation provided inputs on the quality and credibility of the Independent Evaluation Group’s programmatic and corporate process evaluations in support of the 2022 independent external review.