At the completion of every lending project, the WB conducts a self-evaluation. These are known as Implementation Completion and Results Reports, or ICRs, and they asses and rate a number of project qualities, such as WB performance, outcomes, and lessons learned. IEG validates every single ICR, producing what is known as an Implementation Completion Report Review, or ICRR. For a strategic selection of projects, IEG conducts a full evaluation, known as a Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR). The WB also conducts a self-evaluation at the end of every Country Partnership Framework (CPF), the strategy that guides WB support for member countries, in what is called a Completion and Learning Review, or CLR. The CLR is an important input to the design of each new CPF, and IEG validates CLRs with a Completion and Learning Review Validation, or CLRV. These country and project level evaluations and validations generate a wealth of data, which can all be found in the various dashboards on the IEG data page.  

Let’s jump right in with the WB Project Rating dashboard. With this dashboard, by adjusting its filters, you can track the performance of a portfolio of projects over time to identify recurring patterns. This trend analysis, when combined with other data and analyses, can reveal systematic issues or highlight effective strategies, guiding future project planning and execution. A detailed description of each of the ratings captured by the dashboard can be found in the ICRR Manual. IEG draws on this data for its annual, in-depth analysis of World Bank Group (WBG) performance, Results and Performance of the WBG (RAP).  

The WB Project Lessons Dashboard offers a rich collection of practical insights, from what worked, what didn’t work, to the contextual factors influencing these outcomes. This dashboard is a repository of lessons learned from IEG’s ICRRs and PPPARs. It serves as a tool to highlight knowledge that can be used to improve future projects based on past experiences. The lessons captured by this dashboard can be categorized by country, region, practice group, the financial year in which projects closed, and searched using keywords, making it easy to find relevant information. Whether you're working on education, health, or environmental projects, you can quickly access pertinent lessons. IEG’s source document is also available for download by clicking the link under Project Details.  

The WB CPF Ratings Dashboard contains ratings data from IEG’s CLRVs, The top half of the dashboard enables the comparison of ratings across different countries and years. This comparative analysis can identify best performance that can be adapted to countries with similar contexts. The bottom half displays the distribution of Development Outcome and Bank Performance ratings from all CLRVs over time. This dashboard is very useful for country teams to understand what has worked well in other countries and how they might improve their own development outcomes.  

The IEG Data Page and its dashboards provide a wealth of concrete, actionable data that can drive more effective development initiatives. For more advanced users, data are also available for download in Excel on each dashboard page. It’s a resource to learn from past development efforts, promote accountability, and share valuable knowledge within the global development community. 

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