Delphi Technique: Predicting Emerging Opportunities and Challenges in Renewable Energy

This paper outlines the use of the Delphi forecasting method to share, aggregate, and analyze inputs from a panel of global experts on renewable energy.

Abstract image created by Luísa Pinheiro Ulhoa Tenorio

This paper describes how a panel of global experts on renewable energy (RE) was convened to anticipate the major opportunities and challenges facing the scale-up of RE to meet sustainable development and climate goals. The panelists participated in a Delphi process through which their views and perceptions were analyzed. The Delphi panel helped contextualize the future of rapidly evolving RE markets, against which the World Bank Group’s readiness to help clients could be assessed. The Delphi panel also identified critical barriers that were triangulated with results from other methods to chart a pathway for scaling up RE.