Update March, 2020:

Due to the evolving Covid-19 situation, the annual delivery in Bern has been cancelled. Partners are exploring virtual delivery options for the summer. Stay tuned for more updates.

All countries need the capacity for evidence-based policy making and systems to track the progress towards their policy goals. With the countdown to the Sustainable Development Goals underway, having robust Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) systems is more important than ever. Developing new cadres of M&E specialists from all parts of the world equipped with strong skills and expertise in development evaluation is key to achieving that goal.

With that objective in mind, the International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) has launched its 2020 training program to be delivered from July 6 to July 24, 2020 in the University of Bern, Switzerland. IPDET is an executive training program offered by the Center for Continuing Education (ZUW) at the University of Bern and the Center for Evaluation (CEval) in partnership with the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank. It aims to equip decision makers, managers, and practitioners with a range of tools and expertise that are required to commission, manage, and use evaluations for better decision-making at local, national, and global levels. Building up on twenty years of experience delivering training on development evaluation, IPDET 2020 brings together global expertise in evaluation to build foundational and advanced knowledge and skills in evaluation. It is also a platform that enables peer-to-peer learning between individuals from around the globe engaged in evaluation and help deepen networks of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

The three-week program consists of a week of training on the fundamentals of evaluation followed by two weeks of workshops on specialized topics and latest developments in the field taught by a group of diverse and experienced international faculty drawn from organizations around the world. Interested participants can attend any week(/s) they would like according to their needs or combine all three weeks.

Last year, 229 people from 82 countries participated in the program. IPDET 2019 also introduced several improvements in the course to incorporate feedback solicited and received from participants from previous years. These changes comprise: having a more diversified faculty in gender, age, and region, including current developments in the field, considering the perspectives of different target groups with different knowledge and experience in evaluation (evaluators, commissioners, policy makers, and parliamentarians), a new core course curriculum, innovative didactics of adult learning, a new group work format, and a greater focus on ensuring that the wide variety of participant’s experiences was valued and taken into account.

IPDET 2020 incorporates the above improvements and embraces the core values of inclusivity, participatory and engagement, excellence, and being global in its reach.

Registration for IPDET 2020 is now open. Scholarships and early-bird discounts are available for applicants.

For more information and to register, please visit ipdet.org, follow IPDET (on twitter @IPDET), or email registration@ipdet.org for questions related to registration and scholarship application, and ipdet_info@zuw.unibe.ch for general information.




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