The International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET) 2024 will take place at the University of Bern, Switzerland, from July 15 to 26 this Summer! IPDET is a collaborative effort between the Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank (IEG), the Center for Continuing Education (ZUW) at the University of Bern, Switzerland, the Center for Evaluation (CEval) in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Since 2021, IPDET has been an implementing partner of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI). This year, with the support of IEG and GEI funding partners, 80 scholarships have awarded for evaluation talents from all over the world for IPDET On-Site Program! They will benefit from the quality evaluation capacity training from dozens of well-respected evaluation experts worldwide, including from the World Bank.

A Longstanding Partnership with IPDET

IEG has been committed to helping developing countries with evaluation capacity development, which facilitates evidence-based decision-making and improved development results. Since 2001, IPDET’s participants from over 130 countries have benefited from IEG’s presence in IPDET.

Workshop IB: Designing Evaluations

One of the most popular workshops among participants is "Designing Evaluations," led by Dr. Jos Vaessen, Advisor at IEG and deputy head of GEI. Jos’s workshop on "Designing Evaluations" will guide participants through the complexities of designing influential and rigorous evaluations, covering everything from the building blocks to how to apply appropriate tools and guidance for evaluation design. Jos, as an academic and evaluation book author, will draw on his deep understanding of the topic coupled with real-world experience across policy fields to help participants develop a fundamental grasp of evaluation design.

Workshop ID: Theory-Based Causal Analysis

This workshop will be led by evaluations methods expert, Dr. Estelle Raimondo. As Head of Methods at IEG, Estelle advises and trains teams across IEG on a wide range of research designs and fosters methodological innovations. She has been supporting IPDET as an instructor since 2016. This year, Estelle will share the crucial and fundamental evaluation method: Theory-Based Causal Analysis. Estelle will be sharing the best practices in the industry along with the World Bank experience.

Workshop II-E: Designing and Managing Projects for Results and Evaluability

Workshop II-E aims for participants not only to conduct evaluations but also to manage evaluations in an agency. Instructors Stephen Pirozzi, Senior Operations Officer of World Bank’s Fragility Conflict & Violence Group, and Kamal Siblini, Senior Operations Officer of World Bank’s Digital Development Unit, are both experts in implementing evaluations in the trickiest situations, including conflict regions. Stephen has trained over 1,000 World Bank staff globally, while Kamal's experience spans 52 countries and various sectors. They would like to empower IPDET participants with the practical know-how of building an "evidence ecosystem" around projects, enhancing both project effectiveness and the utility of subsequent evaluations.

World Bank experts have been instrumental in promoting best practices and innovation in evaluation worldwide. Their experience and insights will be invaluable to IPDET participants, preparing them to anchor changes in their regions. Their workshops offer not only cutting-edge theoretical knowledge but also practical skills that are essential for conducting effective evaluations.

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