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Addressing Gender Inequalities in Countries Affected by Fragility, Conflict, and Violence

This report assesses the quality of Bank Group support to countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence in promoting women’s and girls’ economic empowerment and addressing gender-based violence
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O Grupo Banco Mundial em Moçambique: Conclusões e lições de uma década de envolvimento

Junte-se a nós para discutir descobertas e lições de envolvimento do Grupo Banco Mundial (WBG) com Moçambique.

The World Bank Group in Mozambique: Findings and lessons from a decade of engagement

Join us to discuss findings and lessons from the WBG's engagement with Mozambique.

Focused Assessment of the International Development Association’s Private Sector Window: An Update to the 2021 Early-Stage Assessment by the Independent Evaluation Group (Approach Paper)

Attracting private capital and developing the private sector in low-income countries are challenging. The challenges involved in mobilizing private capital and developing the private sector in many IDA countries,…
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Why is it so hard to raise taxes in developing economies? Lessons from World Bank Experience with Domestic Revenue Mobilization

A new evaluation from the Independent Evaluation Group assesses the impact of World Bank support for Domestic Revenue Mobilization and identifies lessons for turning increased attention to this critical source of…

Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) Work Program and Budget (FY24) and Indicative Plan (FY25-26)

Global development challenges have accelerated in recent years, as successive crises have slowed growth and increased poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic spurred the largest increase in global poverty in decades, which has…
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Machine Learning in Evaluative Synthesis

This paper explores the potential of using machine learning techniques towards making the process of analyzing, classifying, and synthesizing large amounts of text in evaluation research more efficient.
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Georgia Country Program Evaluation (Approach Paper)

The Country Program Evaluation (CPE) will assess the performance of the World Bank Group’s support of Georgia in achieving its development objectives. It will evaluate how the Bank Group program has adapted over time to…
Vector concept for business strategy and planning to overcome obstacles and challenges to reach a success

Improving How We Evaluate Budget Support

This is the second in a series of blogs on the challenges of evaluating budget support operations. A credible response to the challenges…
Additionality in the private sector and the experience of the International Finance Corporation

🎧 Additionality in the private sector and the experience of the International Finance Corporation

Additionality is the unique value that Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) offer to private companies in low- and middle-income countries without crowding out private investments. For DFIs, such as the International…