IEG Data: WB Country Partnership Framework Ratings

This dashboard contains ratings data from IEG’s Completion and Learning Review Reviews (CLRRs), which are validations (desk reviews) of World Bank (WB) self-assessment of Country Partnership Framework (CPF) performance. For some projects, a full evaluation called Country Program Evaluation (CPE) is done. CPEs do not have ratings.​

The country-level ratings data will be updated bi-annually in addition to the annual update for IEG’s Results and Performance of the World Bank Group (RAP).​

The data values are numbers of CPFs that achieved a certain rating on the 5-point scale.  The default view shows ratings on Development Outcome. To change the view to show other ratings, use the Rating filter (drop-down list). See additional notes* below the visualization. ​

The full data set is available for download here. To reset the dashboard to default state, click the revert-button.png button at the bottom.  ​

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* Notes: N: Number of CLRs validated. ​