IEG Data: World Bank Project Ratings and Lessons

This dashboard contains ratings data from IEG’s Implementation Completion Report Reviews (ICRRs), which are validations (desk reviews) of World Bank (WB) Implementation Completion and Results Reports (ICRs) of lending projects. For some projects, a full evaluation called a Project Performance Assessment Report (PPAR) is done.  In those cases, the ratings from the PPARs are used instead of ICRR ratings.​ Project lessons from both ICRRs and PPARs are included below the ratings.

To use the data visualization: Since these data are updated quarterly in addition to the annual update for IEG’s Results and Performance of the World Bank Group (RAP), first select which data set to view: Latest or RAP22. The date of the selected data set is shown below the visualization.

Most rating indicators have a 6-point scale, though some have a 4-point scale. The default view shows IEG Outcome Ratings. To change the view to show other ratings, use the IEG Rating filter. Use the other filters to narrow down the data further. Hover the mouse pointer over any of the data points to see details. See additional notes* below the visualization. ​

​The full data set is available for download here. To download only the data filtered in the visualization, use the Download   button at the bottom. To reset the dashboard to the default state, click the Reset View revert-button.png button.

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