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Creating Markets

Creating Markets series

The Creating Markets series summarizes detailed lessons of experience and key takeaways regarding the World Bank Group's Creating Markets concept. Findings from relevant IEG evaluations over the last ten years provide a rich source of lessons and determinants of success that are relevant for the implementation of the Cascade Approach and the success of the Creating Markets concept. These lessons of experience and success factors can be categorized along four dimensions: (1) country factors; (2) upstream policy work; (3) structuring and finance; (4) organization and management. By sharing those lessons early to help the Bank Group be successful in its systematic implementation of the Creating Markets concept.

Hope or Hype? Attracting Investors to Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

Attracting Investors to Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

To explore investors’ current interests and concerns about EMDEs and their implications for the World Bank Group, IEG conducted a Global Institutional Investor Survey reaching 3,000 institutional investors. Here we analyze their responses.

Creating Markets: A Special Challenge for Low-income Countries

Creating markets in low income countries

Tight government fiscal positions in low-income countries justify the search for private sector solutions to support much needed investments- but the enabling environment in these countries must improve first to attract the private sector.

Creating Markets: Are PPPs the Answer?

Creating Markets PPPs

World Bank Group experience suggests several fundamentals need to be in place for PPPs to contribute to infrastructure market creation.

Creating Markets: Learning from World Bank Group Joint Projects

Creating Markets Learning from Joint Projects

What does the experience from two decades of projects co-financed by two or more World Bank Group institutions tell us about what works for market creation?

Creating Markets - Lessons from Experience in Developing Countries

Creating Markets

What lessons from evaluation are relevant to the success of the World Bank's renewed focus on creating markets?