Stefan is currently working on how to “create markets” for private sector involvement in the pursuit of the SDGs, an important aspect of the broader Maximizing Finance for Development (MFD) agenda.

Since joining IEG in 2009, Stefan has managed an evaluations program across a wide range of sectors and topics related to private sector development. In the financial sector, Stefan managed IEG’s flagship report on MIGA’s Financial Sector Guarantees in a Strategic Context (2011)  and subsequently led IEG’s work on financial inclusion Financial Inclusion – A Foothold on the Ladder toward Prosperity (2015).  In the infrastructure space, Stefan co-authored IEG’s evaluation on Improving Institutional Capacity and Financial Viability to Sustain Transport (2012) by focusing on the private sector aspects and was the author of IEG’s work on PPPs World Bank Group Support of Public-Private Partnership: Lessons from Experience in Client Countries (2014). More recently, Stefan authored Public-Private Partnerships in Health (2016), co-authored a series of three IEG Results and Performance Reports and managed IEG’s evaluation on WBG Support to Pollution Management -Toward a Clean World for All (2017).

Stefan is a frequent speaker at external conferences and symposia and believes in evaluation as a knowledge management tool. He has played a leading role in innovating the way IEG conducts evaluations and has spearhead novel approaches in client engagement. Prior to joining the World Bank Group, Stefan gathered extensive international experience by working for two different United Nations organizations, the European Commission and in business strategy advisory. He holds a Masters in Finance from Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and a PhD in engineering from University of Technology, Vienna, Austria.