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Shiba Prosad Bh...
Every time I find something that gives me inch closure to a better tomorrow.
njei wirick
All i can say long live IEG.
Analyzing your project rating is a bit confusing when we look for who is responsible for those results while we keep in mind that projects might not be fully executed in the time span you have chosen. In the Central african case, the three period are well determined and represents exactly three different political regimes which have runs the country. Nevertheless, thirteen projects were not fully executed in FY1984-1993 but some of them went over that time span and were closed during FY1994-2003. Still they are rated as previous FY projects...
Angapat Raghu Menon
In west African region esspecialy in Nigeria and Ghana is much for struggling Drinking water. Miles to go for drinking water to bring to homes. This problem should be solved and enough Fund to be sanctioned to the Govt: of Nigeria. Hope this may take as the proper challenge to the World bank.
Angapat Raghu Menon
The scarcity of Electricity in the region of Lagos and other prominent areas of the City including Capital Abuja. I got report that they are using un-interputed Powere supply to the city where the expence is very high to the people. As far as the project requires gas based Electric Power generating Stations where they are wasting gas from the Oil fieldes. The Govt: of Nigeria can do the Projects where the sources can be utlising properly......
njaka rama
I think ,not enough ,population fragility ,but i wish many progression , and good works !!!
swenee shah
need to have data on the agriculture in india at gujarat state .
the economic scenes a global perspective and the potection of biological diversity various proposals for a pilot machanism to address these issues that would taking into account and the banks existing programs are currently bring considered. and the concept of sudtainable development is also being to influence current thinking about the long run economic growing, and viability of alternative development strategies. agriculture practicese energy policies and industrial technology all have import imlications for the environment.
Ms S Wijesinha
I feel guidelines towards dispute resolution mechanism is very encouraging to myself... I really appreciate it. (Please try to send a better safety code to avoid undue hacking as well.) Because I feel that some kid has hacked this and invaded territory. Sri Lanka.
Hikmatullah Falah
the project lending is not available for more than half of the project in the IEG project performance excel file, could you please check if you can provide the project lending please Thanks
@Hikmatullah: Thanks for your feedback. Due to the nature of our data, the set may not include lending amounts for some types of interventions, such as grants, trust-funded operations, GEF projects, etc. Please submit an "access to information" request with a detailed description of the problem you're encountering so that we can follow-up. Project lending data is also available from the Data Operations & Projects section. ** Access to Information - **Data and Operations -
kaja i?
Thanks for examples and guidelines.
I downloaded the Download IEG Project Performance Ratings data and want to use these data for my thesis. Unfortunately I have trouble finding explanations for the acronyms, such as ES, PAR, EVM, PCR, SIL, FIL, TAL,SIM, ect. If anybody knows where I can find information about these acronyms, it would help me a lot
Neeli Satyanarayana
It is happy to note more than 3/4 of the project in the range of highly satisfaction.

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