IEG Data and Ratings

This dashboard contains ratings data on World Bank lending projects that closed between fiscal years 2001 and 2017 and for which IEG received Implementation Completion and Results Reports (ICRs). Some ratings are on a six-point scale and some are on a four-point scale. The percentage at the top of each bar is the percent of all projects rated (by number) that are in the top half of the scale for that rating.

Use the filters to narrow the data by closing fiscal year, Global Practice, Region, and other options. Hover the mouse pointer over any of the data points to see the detailed ratings or use the Table View. To reset the dashboard to default state, click the revert-button.pngbutton at the bottom. (Data as of July 26, 2018)

For IFC and MIGA data, see the RAP 2017 Chapter 2 page.


Ratings Data

IEG reviews all Implementation Completion and Results Reports (ICRs) received from completed World Bank lending operations, producing ICR Reviews (ICRRs). In ICRRs, IEG provides its own project ratings based on the same evaluation criteria used by the World Bank project teams. For a subset of projects, IEG performs in-depth field-based evaluations, called Project Performance Assessment Reports (PPARs). PPAR ratings supersede ICRR ratings.

This data contains six ratings:

Outcome: the extent to which the project's major relevant objectives were achieved, or are expected to be achieved, efficiently. Both the Bank and IEG rate Outcome. Thus, the outcome rating is derived from the prior assessment of the relevance of objectives, efficacy in achieving each objective, and efficiency.

Bank Performance: the extent to which the services provided by the Bank ensured quality at entry of the project and supported effective implementation through appropriate supervision (including ensuring adequate transition arrangements for regular operation of supported activities after loan/credit closing), toward the achievement of development outcomes. Both the Bank and IEG rate Bank Performance. IEG also rates the two constituent elements – Quality at Entry and Quality of Supervision.

Monitoring and Evaluation Quality: the quality of the design and implementation of the monitoring and evaluation arrangements of the project and the extent to which the results are used to improve performance. Both the Bank and IEG rate M&E Quality.

ICR Quality: the quality of the evidence and analysis in the ICR; the extent to which the lessons are based on evidence; the results-orientation of the ICR; and its conciseness, internal consistency, and the consistency with Bank guidelines. Only IEG rates ICR Quality.

For ICRs written before July 1, 2017, ICRs and IEG also rated Risk to Development Outcome (RDO) and Borrower Performance.

RDO is the risk, at the time of evaluation, that development outcomes (or expected outcomes) will not be maintained (or realized).

Borrower Performance is the extent to which the borrower (including the government and the implementing agency or agencies) ensured quality of preparation and implementation and complied with covenants and agreements, toward the achievement of development outcomes.


Six-Point Scale

  • Highly Satisfactory
  • Satisfactory
  • Moderately Satisfactory
  • Moderately Unsatisfactory
  • Unsatisfactory
  • Highly Unsatisfactory

Four-Point Scale

  • High
  • Substantial
  • Modest
  • Negligible


Data source: IEG World Bank Project Performance Ratings, World Bank Business Warehouse. If you would like more details on this data set, please refer to IEG World Bank Project Performance Ratings Codebook. To download all data set, click here