This data set contains all IEG World Bank project ratings of over 9,500 completed projects and is combined with official World Bank project data.


Data source: IEG World Bank Project Performance Ratings, World Bank Business Warehouse. Citations should include name and source, as follows: “Independent Evaluation Group - World Bank Project Performance Ratings:"

If you would like more details on this data set, please refer to IEG World Bank Project Performance Ratings Codebook.



*Upon completion of a World Bank project, the project team is required to do a self-evaluation called an Implementation Completion and Results Report (ICR).  For each of these, IEG completes an independent validation of the ICR findings and ratings to produce an IEG ICR Review (ICRR). For a subset of projects, IEG performs in-depth field-based evaluations, called Project Performance Assessment Reports (PPARs).  PPAR ratings supersede ICRR ratings.