IEG Data and Ratings

IEG reviews all Implementation Completion and Results Reports (ICRs) received from completed World Bank lending operations, producing ICR Reviews (ICRRs).  In ICRRs, IEG provides its own project ratings based on the same evaluation criteria used by the World Bank project teams. For a subset of projects, IEG performs in-depth field-based evaluations, called Project Performance Assessment Reports (PPARs). PPAR ratings supersede ICRR ratings.

This dashboard contains Outcome ratings data on World Bank lending projects that closed between fiscal years 2000 and 2016 and for which ICRs were received by IEG.  The project Outcome rating is defined as “the extent to which the operation's major relevant objectives were achieved, or are expected to be achieved, efficiently”  and is rated on a six-point scale: Highly Satisfactory - Satisfactory - Moderately Satisfactory - Moderately Unsatisfactory - Unsatisfactory - Highly Unsatisfactory.

The data is provided as a percentage of projects rated Moderately Satisfactory or above.  Use the filters to narrow the data by closing fiscal year, Global Practice, Region, and/or Country. Hover the mouse pointer over any of the data points to see the breakdown of project Outcome ratings.

Data and calculations underlying this visualization are being updated based on analysis for Results and Performance of the World Bank Group (RAP) 2017.  Please check back soon.


Data source: IEG World Bank Project Performance Ratings, World Bank Business Warehouse. If you would like more details on this data set, please refer to IEG World Bank Project Performance Ratings Codebook.

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