With the ten-year countdown to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) underway, it is more important than ever for countries to have the systems and capacities in place to track the progress of their national development strategies, evaluate their impact, and learn from evidence. The new circumstances posed by the Covid-19 pandemic have highlighted even more the crucial role played by monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in designing and developing adequate policy responses, the importance of learning from evidence, and sharing this knowledge across the board. With the objective of fostering a culture of M&E learning and knowledge-sharing and sustaining the momentum of global efforts to promote M&E capacity, the CLEAR Initiative will convene the second annual gLOCAL Evaluation Week from June 1st to 5th.  

gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2020 is fully virtual and will feature more than 250 events around the world organized by local public, private, and academic institutions and organizations that produce, use, or promote evaluations to strengthen the impact of development programs. In addition to the traditional thematic areas such as Evaluation Capacity Development, Evaluation Communication and Use, and Evaluation Methods, the special theme, ‘Evaluation 2030’, intends to encourage discussions about the role of M&E in supporting the achievement of long-term development outcomes such as the 2030 Development Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. There will be several events exploring M&E themes in various sectors, such as gender, climate change, health, among others.  We also have several events that explore the implications of and for M&E in times of Covid-19.

Sharing local and global M&E knowledge and experiences are essential to strengthen capacity, foster accountability, promote evidence-based decision making, and learn from results. These goals are central to the CLEAR Initiative’s mission and the inspiration for gLOCAL Evaluation Week.

-Sophie Sirtaine, Director of Strategy and Operations, Independent Evaluation Group of the World Bank Group, and CEO of the CLEAR Initiative. 

Last year, 177 institutions around the world supported the 2019 inaugural gLOCAL Evaluation Week during which over 270 events were organized in 38 countries. An estimated 22,000 participants convened to learn and share M&E knowledge. This year, along with the CLEAR Centers, our partners and collaborators are rising to the challenges posed by Covid-19 with a great deal of innovation and adaptability by making optimal use of technology to bring knowledge and experience sharing opportunities closer to you than ever before.

The virtual nature of gLOCAL 2020 will allow organizers to reach wider audiences and enable M&E professionals and organizations to engage in a larger and continuous dialogue across time-zones. This is aligned with CLEAR’s commitment to support the exchange of M&E knowledge and experiences to promote evaluation capacity development, support evidence-based decision making, and strengthen development outcomes at local and global levels.

As we get ready for gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2020 next week, this is how you can be involved in gLOCAL 2020:

  • Promote gLOCAL Evaluation Week through your networks and channels. Share news and social media updates about gLOCAL on your social media and other platforms. More information is available at the CLEAR Initiative.
  • Participate in gLOCAL Evaluation Week and encourage everyone to participate. Go to gLOCAL Evaluation Week to see the 2020 Calendar of Events.
  • Share with us and others your experience of gLOCAL 2020. Write to us and follow us on social media.

For more information and to see the calendar of events, please visit gLOCAL Evaluation Week 2020 Calendar of events and the CLEAR Initiative, follow the CLEAR Initiative (on twitter @theCLEARInitiative), or email clear@worldbank.org



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