Bekele A. Shiferaw is a development economist interested in agriculture, climate change, environment and natural resource management issues in emerging economies.

Dr. Shiferaw has worked in international research and development for over 20 years in various capacities, including Director of the Partnership for Economic Policy, Director and Principal Scientists at the Socio-Economics Program at CIMMYT and Senior and Principal Scientist in impact evaluation and sustainable natural resource management at ICRISAT. He has led or participated in strategic, advisory and analytical work as part of several major international initiatives related to impact evaluation and policies for sustainable agricultural development, environment, land use, watershed management, climate change, analysis of institutions and markets, non-farm linkages and policy analysis of growth and employment. He has contributed to major global initiatives in capacity building for development policy analysis, agricultural transformation, analysis of strategic foresights for climate change, markets & agribusiness development, climate-smart agriculture, and sustainable food systems.

Dr. Shiferaw's program evaluation and analytical interests include development of effective methods for impact evaluation using market and non-market valuation methods; analysis of development effectiveness and impacts in agriculture, environment and climate change; and thematic and macro reviews in carbon finance, land degradation, property rights and strategies for sustainable management of land, water, forests, biodiversity and ecosystem services. He has contributed to evidence-informed policy dialogues and won numerous awards and grants from major donors and published over 100 studies in professional journals, books and others.

He received his PhD degree from the School of Economics, Norwegian University of Life Sciences.