As part of a larger trend within the development community, the World Bank has in recent years sought to expand its use of results-based financing. In 2012, the Bank launched the Program-for-Results (PforR) instrument, through which direct support is given to governments, with disbursements tied to the achievement of intended program results.

Join our panel of experts to explore the World Bank’s experience with the PforR tool, and the lessons learned so far. Discussions will include contributions from TTLs with on-the-ground experience, representatives from the Governance Global Practice, Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS), and the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG). The event will also highlight findings from IEG’s early assessment.

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Deborah L. Wetzel
Senior Director, Governance Global Practice,
World Bank

Auguste Tano Kouame
Director, Human Development and Economic Management Department
Independent Evaluation Group


Ronnie W. Hammad
Senior Operations Officer, Public Sector Governance,
Operational Enabling Services (OS),
Governance Global Practice
World Bank



Ismail Arslan
Senior Evaluation Officer,
Country Programs and Economic Management,
Independent Evaluation Group

Qaiser M. Khan
Program Leader,
Ethiopia, World Bank

Shwetlena Sabarwal
Senior Economist, World Development Report 2018,
Development Economics
World Bank

Imad Saleh
Operations Adviser,
Operations Policy and Quality,
World Bank

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