Local evaluators have firsthand knowledge of the complex and nuanced nature of cultural and social dynamics at the local level. They can, therefore, provide insights into the challenges & opportunities of incorporating these dynamics into evaluation practice. In this session, young and emerging evaluators (YEE) from across the world will present regional perspectives & innovations on culturally responsive evaluation (CRE) and help provoke the audience’s thinking on their own evaluation practice. 

The event is part of the celebrations around IEG@50 and will also announce an essay competition for Young & Emerging Evaluators (YEE). The objective of the competition is to encourage emerging evaluators to develop innovative & practical approaches to CRE. Join us on June 1 to learn more about the event and how you can participate!

Moderator: Gabriela Renteria Flores
Chair, EvalYouth
  Dugan Fraser
Program Manager,
Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI)
  Claudia Olavarria
Consultant, Global Evaluation Initiative,
Former Co-Chair EvalYouth LAC;
& gender expert
Dr. Mercy Fanadzo
Programme Administrative Officer,
CLEAR Anglophone Africa
  Stephen Porter
Senior Evaluation Specialist,
Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)
  Rai Sengupta
Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant,
Ecorys London


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