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The World Bank’s Role in and Use of the Low-Income Country Debt Sustainability Framework


ADM Accountability and Decision-Making Framework

CCDR Country Climate and Development Report

CPF Country Partnership Framework

CPIA Country Policy and Institutional Assessment

DeMPA Debt Management Performance Assessment

DMF Debt Management Facility

DPO development policy operation

DRS Debtor Reporting System

DSA Debt Sustainability Analysis

DSF Debt Sustainability Framework

FY fiscal year

GDP gross domestic product

IDA International Development Association

IDA20 20th Replenishment of IDA

IEG Independent Evaluation Group

IMF International Monetary Fund

LIC low-income country

LIC-DSA Low-Income Country Debt Sustainability Analysis

LIC-DSF Low-Income Country Debt Sustainability Framework

MFMod macroeconomic and fiscal model

PBA performance-based allocation

PPA performance and policy action

SDFP Sustainable Development Finance Policy

SIDS small island developing states

SOE state-owned enterprise

WHR Window for Host Communities and Refugees

All dollar amounts are US dollars unless otherwise indicated.