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World Bank Engagement in Situations of Conflict


The evaluation was led by Lauren Kelly, lead evaluation officer and task team leader, and co-authored by Daniel Nogueira-Budny, public sector specialist, under the guidance of Jeff Chelsky, manager, Country Programs and Economic Management, and Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez, director, Human Development and Economic Management, and under the overall guidance of Alison Evans, Director-General, Evaluation. The evaluation was supported by a core team consisting of Harsh Anuj, Joy Butscher, Anis Dani, Elizabeth Dodds, Christian Freymeyer, Adam Lichtenheld, Michelle Rebosio, Mees van der Werf, and Jingwen Zheng. Dung Thi Kim Chu provided administrative support. Micheal Woolcock, lead social scientist, provided expert advice and guidance to the team. Estelle Rosine Raimondo, senior evaluation officer, provided valuable methodological contributions, and Stephan Wegner, the Independent Evaluation Group’s fragility, conflict, and violence coordinator, also provided advisory support. The Independent Evaluation Group also thanks the more than 200 World Bank staff and management and the many government representatives who provided valuable input to this report.

The evaluation was peer reviewed by Joseph Saba, chair of American Near East Refugee Aid and a former director, World Bank Middle East Region (1997–2010); the Honorable Minister Patricia Laverley, deputy minister of finance of Sierra Leone, after several leadership positions at the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, HSBC, and the African Development Bank; and Christian Wabnitz, of the International Committee of the Red Cross.