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World Bank Support for Public Financial and Debt Management in IDA-Eligible Countries


This report of the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) was prepared by a team led by Jeff Chelsky (manager, Economic Management and Country Programs) and Daniel Nogueira-Budny (public sector specialist) and including Ali Hashim, Johan Manuel Lopez, Pierre Roumegas, Swizen Rubbani, and Zeljka Sedlo (consultants). It has drawn extensively on early work undertaken by IEG and led by Ismail Arslan, which included major contributions from Emmanuel Akpa, Iradj Alikhani, Zeljko Bogetic, Mauricio Carrizosa, Corky De Asis, Nils Fostvedt, Pradeep Mitra, Felix Oppong, Anand Rajaram, Aristomene Varoudakis, and Clay Wescott. Patricia Acevedo and Dung Thi Kim Chu were responsible for administrative aspects of the evaluation. Oksana Gryshkevych, Rasmus Heltberg, James Knight, Moritz Piatti, and Piet Van Heesewijk provided helpful guidance and advice in the conduct of the evaluation.

Peer reviewers were Peter Breuer (division chief, Monetary and Capital Markets, International Monetary Fund), Daniel Domelevo (auditor general, Ghana), and Aicha Karafi (public financial management technical adviser, Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, and former director general, Central Bureau for IT Methodology and Organizations, Ministry of Finance, Tunisia).

The evaluation was conducted under the guidance of Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez (director, Human Development and Economic Management Department) and Alison Evans (Director-General, Evaluation).