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World Bank Support for Public Financial and Debt Management in IDA-Eligible Countries


ASA advisory services and analytics

COVID-19 coronavirus

DeMPA Debt Management Performance Assessment

DMF Debt Management Facility

DPO development policy operation

FY fiscal year

GDP gross domestic product

HIPC heavily indebted poor countries

IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IDA International Development Association

IEG Independent Evaluation Group

IFMIS integrated financial management information system

IMF International Monetary Fund

IPSAS international public sector accounting standards

MDRI Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative

MTDS Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy

PDM public debt management

PEFA Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability

PEM public expenditure management

PFDM public financial and debt management

PFM public financial management

PI PEFA indicator

PIM public investment management

PIMA PIM Assessment (tool)

SDFP Sustainable Development Finance Policy

All dollar amounts are US dollars unless otherwise indicated.