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Evaluating for People and the Planet

Short-Form Knowledge Sharing

Evaluation Insight Notes

Evaluation Insight Notes (EINs) are syntheses that generate new insights from existing evidence to address knowledge gaps and contribute to enhanced operational learning. In fiscal year (FY)23, the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) published four EINs.

EINs systematically organize evidence from disparate IEG evaluations, validations, and other work and can be supplemented by additional existing studies and background papers.

#WhatWorks Blog

IEG’s #WhatWorks blogs provide a space for evaluators and economists to dive more deeply into the issues that our evaluations cover. IEG published 28 blogs in FY23, with several translated into languages such as Spanish, French, and Ukrainian. Topics included agrifood systems, unlocking the potential of private sector investments, and COVID-19 health and economic responses. The two most-read FY23 blogs are “Building Inclusive, Productive, and Sustainable Agrifood Systems” and “Towards a Circular Economy: Addressing the Waste Management Threat.”

What Have We Learned? Podcast

Each episode of What Have We Learned? brings together evaluators, thought leaders, and practitioners to discuss development effectiveness issues. In its second season, episodes discussed tackling plastic waste, shifting paradigms in disaster risk reduction, and boosting energy efficiency, among other topics.