Evaluating for People and the Planet

IEG 2023 Annual Report

The annual report looks back at the past fiscal year and summarizes IEG work, including through first-hand accounts from staff, on the range of validations and evaluations, on informing major World Bank strategies and policies, on building capacity both within IEG and with client countries, and on the use of innovative methods and new technologies.

Paper cut World map

IEG continued to innovate as needed throughout FY23 to provide World Bank management with timely evidence and recommendations to inform decisions around pressing issues. Escalating crises—including COVID-19; fragility, conflict, and violence (FCV); and rapidly worsening effects from climate change—demand more and faster responses from international development organizations. IEG supported the World Bank as it established the instruments for rapid responses and launched the process of adapting to the new global context with a work program focused on addressing immediate and longer-term needs.

In FY24, IEG will explore its comparative advantages to find more ways of swiftly gathering evidence and sharing important lessons as we remain strongly aligned with the strategic priorities of the Bank Group.

FY23 At a Glance