RAP 2018   >   Ch.4: WBG Management's Follow-Up to IEG Major Evaluations

Tracking Implementation during the Management Action Record Cycle

Management Action Plans are created in response to IEG recommendations from corporate, sectoral, and thematic evaluations. Action Plans are implemented over the course of four years and, during each year of implementation, both IEG and the World Bank Group rate the extent to which the recommendations have been incorporated into operations.


Ratings of Implementation Progress

  • Complete: Action Plan for the recommendation fully completed.

  • High: Action Plan for the recommendation 90 percent or more completed.

  • Substantial: Action Plan for the recommendation more than 50 percent completed.

  • Moderate: Implementation underway but less than 50 percent of Action Plan completed.

  • Negligible: No evidence or plan to implement Action Plan for the recommendation.

The graph below compares IEG’s ratings of Action Plan implementation ratings, by recommendation category and year of implementation. Each bar displays the percentage of recommendations in that category rated high or complete in both the final MAR year (not necessarily the fourth year, when implementation is completed sooner) and the latest rating prior to the final MAR year. Hover over each bar segment to see the full set of recommendation ratings in that category and rating year.

Trends of Implementation of Recommendations:  By Number   By Category