Building Urban Resilience: An Evaluation of the World Bank Group’s Evolving Experience (2007-2017)

This evaluation examines the World Bank Group’s evolving experience in building resilience in urban areas during the period 2007–17. The focus of this evaluation is the World Bank Group’s support to clients in building urban resilience—to cope, recover, adapt and transform—in the face of shocks and chronic stresses.

Crisis Proofing the Bank Group?

Over the past years, IEG evaluated the Bank Group's responses to various crises: the 2008 global economic crisis and the food crisis response to name just two. In these evaluations we used a traditional approach of assessing what the Bank Group had done against what it set out to do: its own objectives and measures of success. Today, let’s take a look at IEG findings through a different lens: what does it take to crisis proof an institution, how does this compare to our lessons, and how do we turn challenge into opportunity?