A Bridge to the Future

Learning from the Past through Evaluation | IEG Annual Report 2021

image of a bridge at sunset. Photo credit shutterstock/ gyn9037

Fiscal year (FY)21 required an enormous amount of adaptation and agility from all World Bank Group staff. At the Independent Evaluation Group, we quickly devised new ways of working, gathering data, and going on missions to ensure that our methods and findings remained robust despite the challenges of a remote environment. We produced just-in-time lessons to inform Bank Group responses to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) while completing evaluations on the World Bank’s outcome orientation, natural resource degradation, and managing urban special growth, among others.

In many ways, FY21 felt like a bridge between how we approached problems before COVID-19 and how we can find solutions in a world changed by a pandemic. In FY22, we will continue to be responsive to immediate needs while maintaining a pipeline of evaluations on emerging and long-standing corporate priorities. Read the FY21 annual report to learn more about what IEG accomplished last year.

FY21 At a Glance