Join our panelists as they explore the World Bank Group's role in addressing land administration challenges and how best to coordinate activities across multiple sectors and global practices. Panelists will also discuss the findings of a recent IEG report that looked at 14 World Bank land administration projects.  The learning event is jointly hosted by the Independent Evaluation Group and the Land and Geospatial Unit (part of the Social, Urban, Rural, and Resilience Global Practice).

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Featured Speakers

Welcoming and Opening Remarks

Caroline Heider
Director General and Sr. Vice-President, IEG


Enrique Pantoja
Operations Adviser, Operations Policy and Quality, World Bank Group


April Conelly
Natural Resources Management Specialist, IEG



Jorge Munoz
Practice Manager, Global Land and Geospatial Unit, World Bank Group

Preeti S. Ahuja
Practice Manager, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank Group

Mark A. Constantine
Global Head, Climate Strategy and Business Development, IFC

Beatrix Allah-Mensah
Sr. Country Operations Officer, World Bank, Ghana

Klaus Deininger
Lead Economist, Agriculture and Rural Development, DEC

Read the Report: Lessons from Land Administration Projects