Read Full Report: World Bank Group Engagement in Resource-Rich Developing Countries

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A large group of countries, many of them WBG clients, depend on revenues from extraction of non-renewable natural resources. the effective management and targeted use of natural wealth becomes a critical issue in addressing their developmental needs. There issues also closely relate to the Bank Group's twin goals of eradicating poverty and boosting shared prosperity.

IEG invites you to join a conversation around experiences of and lessons from country program evaluations of WBG engagement in four countries that are endowed with abundant natural resources and also heavily depend on revenues from their extraction: Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Zambia.

Let's discuss - and hear from the evaluation - how the Bank Group can help these countries to address the challenges specific to their resource-rich status. Let's find out how the World Bank Group can stay relevant and competitive in situations where its value proposition is its knowledge and global experience, and no longer its financial resources.

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Chair of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)
Director, Energy and Extractives,
World Bank Group
Nicholas York
Director, Human Development and Economic Management, Independent Evaluation Group
Farrukh Iqbal
Chief Technical Specialist, World Bank Group
Konstantin Atanesyan
Senior Evaluation Officer, Independent Evaluation Group
Monika Weber-Fahr
Senior Manager and Chief Knowledge Officer, Independent Evaluation Group
Marcelo Giugale
Senior Economic Adviser, World Bank Group