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World Bank Group Support to Demand-Side Energy Efficiency


ASA advisory services and analytics

CO carbon dioxide

CTF Clean Technology Fund

DPF development policy financing

DPO development policy operation

DSEE demand-side energy efficiency

EDGE Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies

ESCO energy service company

ESMAP Energy Sector Management Assistance Program

EU European Union

FY fiscal year

GBMTP Green Buildings Market Transformation Program

GCF Green Climate Fund

GEF Global Environment Facility

GHG greenhouse gas

GP Global Practice

IEG Independent Evaluation Group

IFC International Finance Corporation

IPF investment project financing

LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LIC low-income country

LMIC lower-middle-income country

MDB multilateral development bank

MIC middle-income country

MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MSMEs micro, small, and medium enterprises

SDG Sustainable Development Goal

SOE state-owned enterprise

SSEE supply-side energy efficiency

UMIC upper-middle-income country

All dollar amounts are US dollars unless otherwise indicated.