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The International Development Association's Sustainable Development Finance Policy


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DeMPA Debt Management Performance Assessment

DPO development policy operation

DSA debt sustainability analysis

DSEP Debt Sustainability Enhancement Program

DSSI Debt Service Suspension Initiative

FY fiscal year

G-20 Group of Twenty

GDP gross domestic product

IDA International Development Association

IDA19 19th Replenishment of the International Development Association

IEG Independent Evaluation Group

IMF International Monetary Fund

LIC low-income country

LIC DSF Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income Countries

MAC DSA Debt Sustainability Framework for Market Access Countries

MDRI Multilateral Debt Relief Initiative

NCBP Non-Concessional Borrowing Policy

PCO Program of Creditor Outreach

PIM public investment management

PPA performance and policy action

SDFP Sustainable Development Finance Policy

SOE state-owned enterprise

All dollar amounts are US dollars unless otherwise indicated.