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The World Bank Group in Chad, 2010 to 2020


This evaluation report was prepared by a team from the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) composed of Felix Oppong (team lead, economist), Sengphet (Anna) Lattanavong (extended term consultant), Mees van der Werf (extended term consultant), and Carla Fabiola Coles (program assistant, IEG). Important contributions were received from Susan Ann Caceres (senior education specialist, IEG), Serena Fogaroli (consultant), Erika A. Jorgensen (consultant), Pamela Lamoreaux (consultant), Johan Manuel Lopez (consultant), and Swizen Rubbani (consultant). Christopher David Nelson (manager) served as adviser to the team. Maximillian Ashwill (consultant) assisted with content development.

The report was conducted under the guidance and supervision of Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez (director) and Jeffrey Allen Chelsky (manager), under the overall direction of Alison Evans (Director-General, Evaluation).

Peer reviewers for this evaluation are Christoph Hartmann (senior team leader, German Institute for Development Evaluation) and Seth Terkper (tax and governance expert from PFM Tax Africa). Methodological guidance was provided by Jos Vaessen (methods adviser, IEG).

IEG is grateful to government officials and consultants, development partners, and other stakeholders who provided valuable insights into the World Bank Group’s program in Chad. We are thankful to Bank Group management and country team members, who willingly provided documents and information and participated in various meetings. The team is particularly grateful to Nicolas Amadai, who went the extra mile to help the IEG team organize virtual meetings with the government.