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Albania Country Program Evaluation


An Independent Evaluation Group team led by Florence Charlier (senior evaluation officer) and Yumeka Hirano (economist) prepared this report. The team includes Corky De Asis (evaluation assistant); Ramachandra Jammi (senior evaluation officer), April Connelly (senior natural resource specialist), and Ana Maria Arriagada, Varadan Atur, Ali Khadr, Chandra Pant, Richard Pollard, and Sengphet Lattanavong (consultants). In addition to her role as overall task team leader, Florence Charlier led the social protection analysis. Yumeka Hirano focused on private sector development and portfolio analysis. Ali Khadr assessed the health sector and the overall relevance and effectiveness of the World Bank Group partnership framework and program, including an assessment of the Bank Group’s contribution to helping Albania progress on the European Union agenda. Chandra Pant led the review of public finance management and the financial sector. Ramachandra Jammi was responsible for the infrastructure sector assessment (roads and energy). Varadan Atur contributed to the energy sector assessment. Richard Pollard reviewed water, land administration and management, and environment-related issues. April Connelly provided guidance on land administration issues. Ana-Maria Arriagada assessed Bank Group support for education and skills and provided overall guidance on the human development agenda, poverty, and gender issues. Corky De Asis helped prepare the portfolio analysis. Sengphet Lattanavong provided key inputs. Carla F. Coles was responsible for administrative aspects, including document management and organizing the deep dive weekly meetings.

The report was conducted under the guidance and supervision of Jeffrey Allen Chelsky (manager), Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez (director), and Sophie Sirtaine (director of strategy and operations), and the overall direction of Alison Evans (Director-General, Evaluation, and vice president).

Peer reviewers for this evaluation included Anita Tuladhar (mission chief for Albania and deputy division chief, European Department, International Monetary Fund) and Tzvetina Tzvetkova (policy officer, Unit for Albania in the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations, European Commission).

The Independent Evaluation Group is grateful to the many representatives of the government, private sector entities, development partners, and other stakeholders who provided valuable insights into the Bank Group’s program in Albania and related issues. The team also thanks Bank Group management and country team members, including previous and current staff working on the Albania program, who provided the evaluation team with valuable time, information, and feedback.