3ie’s systematic review examined the impact of 216 education programmes in 52 low- and middle-income countries. It synthesised evidence on the effects of 21 types of education programmes on children’s school enrolment, attendance, completion and learning. This is the most comprehensive systematic review conducted to date on education effectiveness. 

3ie’s executive director, Emmanuel Jimenez will present the main findings of the review at this event. The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion featuring eminent speakers in the area of education. The panel discussion will be chaired by Marie Gaarder, manager, Independent Evaluation Group, the World Bank.  Follow the conversation live on Twitter at #3ieEducation.

Watch a re-play of the live event


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Caroline Heider  I  Bio
Director General & Senior VP
Independent Evaluation Group (IEG)
Marcia Davidson 
Team Lead, All Children Reading Team, USAID
Marie Gaarder  I  Bio
Manager, Human Development and Corporate Evaluations, IEGHC
Deon Filmer  
Lead Economist & Co-Director, World Development Report 2018, Realizing the Promise of Education for Development, World Bank Group
Emmanuel Jimenez  I  Bio
Executive Director, International Initiative for Impact Evaluation (3ie), New Delhi
Jean-Marc Bernard  
Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist, Global Partnership for Education 
Justin Sandefur
Senior Fellow, Center for Global Development