World Bank Group Joint Projects: A Review of Two Decades of Experience

This first systematic stocktaking by IEG of joint or co-financed projects within the World Bank Group offers insight on both benefits of, and challenges in, developing, structuring, supervising, monitoring and evaluating joint projects. It draws lessons from past experience, staff and client feedback, and highlights implications for WBG management regarding expectations of increased co-financed projects in the future.

Acting as one World Bank Group - Really? The IEG Experience

One of the pillars of the World Bank Group strategy is working as a “Group” to achieve transformational impact. IEG has learned quite a bit through its own intense integration process which started about five years ago.

At the time, IEG decided to bring together the evaluation units of the World Bank, IFC and MIGA and create evaluation teams capable of working across organizations and issues. The goal was greater impact and effectiveness.