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Focus poverty analysis on actionable priorities for policy interventions to accelerate poverty reduction and develop the SCD discussion of linkages between recommended actions and their expected impact on poverty reduction.

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Poverty diagnostics often provide strong technical analysis but lack actionable guidance, thus limiting their direct relevance for strategy and policy design. Poverty diagnostics are better at informing the formulation of poverty-focused country strategies when they provide actionable policy recommendations.

Original Management Response

WB: Agrees. The SCD has been developed exactly to help address these issues. Therefore, this recommendation will be addressed through implementation of the new country engagement framework as part of the prioritization undertaken in the SCD. The Poverty Global Practice also addresses this issue at the sectoral level by supporting other Global Practices in the operationalization of the goals within sectoral programs.

Action Plans
Action 1
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Action 5: As a part of the stocktaking exercise for the first 20 completed SCDs, analyze priorities identified by the SCDs, incl
Action 1 Plan:

Action 5: As a part of the stocktaking exercise for the first 20 completed SCDs, analyze priorities identified by the SCDs, including the sectoral/thematic distribution and level (of detail and sub-sectoral disaggregation) of the priorities, discerning patterns across types of countries, as relevant.
Indicators: SCD stocktaking undertaken
Baseline: Not applicable
Target: SCD stocktaking undertaken for 20 early SCDs
Timeline: FY17

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IEG Update:

Action 5 is very close to completion, as per management update and documentation attached. As the attached PPT attests, the stocktaking exercises analyzes the priorities identified by the SCDs and their distribution by sector, theme, and region/country.

Management Update:

Stocktaking analysis of SCD priorities for 30 early SCDs has been completed, and the findings are reflected in a draft powerpoint (attached) that has been presented at internal meetings of management. A more detailed note/working paper is being prepared and will be completed by the end of 1st quarter of FY18. Given the status of the action, namely a completion of the analysis for a number of SCDs that exceeds what was in the action plan, a rating of "high" (90% or more completed) is merited. The action is not rated as "complete" yet since the written note has not been completed.
The attached PPT updates (and replaces) the previous version in the PPT attached with the last update, which reflected an analysis of 15 SCDs that has now been expanded to 30 SCDs. The current PPT should also be considered as draft, which are subject to revision or additional analysis depending on the comments received during presentations, as the note is being finalized.

IEG Update:

Based on the review of preliminary material, IEG recognizes that progress has been made with respect to the production of the SCD stocktaking exercise, and agrees with management on the rating as no final document has been produced, although there is evidence of this report being close to completion.

Management Update:

The stocktaking exercise for the first batch of completed SCDs is well underway. This exercise analyzes priorities identified by the SCDs, including the sectoral/thematic distribution, level of sub-sectoral disaggregation of the priorities, and patterns across regions and types of countries (by income-classification), as well as knowledge and data gaps identified by SCDs, using a methodology and criteria that were tested on the first 15 SCDs. Early results of this test exercise were shared with the SCD Advisory Group for feedback. The methodology and criteria are now being refined in collaboration with the Bank's Knowledge team in Chennai, so that they can be applied consistently and efficiently to a larger number of SCDs. Draft results based on 30 SCDs are expected in Q1 of FY17, which will then be reviewed for further feedback from management before they are reported as final results of this stocktaking. The results will be disseminated internally through a note and presentations to staff and management through FY17.

In summary, rapid progress has been achieved in this action during a short period of time in FY16. However, this action is being rated as "moderate" (less than 50% of action plan completed) since the results are not complete for the full set of SCDs, and no documents or presentations are ready to be shared with Bank staff and management at this time. This action is expected to be completed in FY17.