Patricia Rogers is an independent consultant, formerly Professor of Public Sector Evaluation at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT University), Australia, and founder of BetterEvaluation, the global open access knowledge platform on evaluation methods, processes and approaches, now part of the Global Evaluation Initiative.   She is a co-founder of the Footprint Evaluation Initiative, which is working to ensure all evaluation includes environmental sustainability.

She is an experienced evaluator, advisor, educator and researcher who has worked for more than thirty years with a wide range of sectors, countries and organizations, including national and sub-national government departments, UN agencies, development banks, NGOs and philanthropic organizations. Her work, especially on theories of change, addressing complexity, and situationally appropriate evaluation design, has been widely used in evaluations and monitoring and evaluation systems and been recognised by the American Evaluation Association (Gunnar Myrdal Evaluation Practice Award) and the Australian Evaluation Society (Outstanding Contribution to Evaluation Award).

Patricia completed a PhD in evaluation from the University of Melbourne, and a post-doctoral fellowship in evaluation at Harvard University.  She is a Fellow of the Australian Evaluation Society.