Anjali Kumar is a seasoned evaluator who has led several macro, thematic and corporate evaluations across a spectrum of areas including the Poverty Reduction Support Credit evaluation – which reviewed budget support operations in IDA countries; the World Bank Group’s Response to the Global Crisis, the evaluation of the World Bank’s Procurement Systems and most recently, an evaluation of the World Bank Group Role in Developing Capital Markets in client countries. Anjali also led IEG’s first synthesis Results and Performance Report, which brought together the performance measurement at the World Bank, IFC and MIGA.

While at IEG, Anjali also provided extensive comments on Board papers and IEG draft output. Together with colleagues she interacted with Bank management on various fora related to results measurement. Anjali has also participated widely in international evaluation forums, with papers presented to the American Evaluation Association, European Evaluation Society (she is a member of both) as well as the Canadian Evaluation Society, and at the EU, the ODI UK, and at 3ie. 

Prior to joining IEG Anjali worked extensively in operational areas of the World Bank, as a financial and macro economist, with a focus that also included private sector development and macroeconomics, spanning all regions of the Bank, but especially in China (among East Asian countries) and Brazil (in Latin America). Her publications include several books published both at the World Bank and externally, through Oxford University Press, Macmillans, the Financial Times (Pearson) press, and, in translation, through IPEA Brazil; in addition to numerous articles and papers, as listed on her LinkedIn profile. Themes span, especially, financial inclusion but also, financial and capital market development, regional themes especially on China and Brazil, and others.

Anjali holds a Ph.D and M.Phil from the University of Cambridge. U.K., and an MA in economics from the Delhi School of Economics. She is proficient in French, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese in addition to English and her native Hindi.