Belen has been in IEG for eight years where she has been conducting IFC investment and Advisory Services (AS) project evaluations.  She is currently Sector Lead of IFC AS evaluations. In that function she is in charge of the delivery of the AS program, she conducts project peer reviews and delivers internal and external training.  Belen contributed to the development of evaluation tools; most significantly, she was part of joint IFC-IEG team that revised IEG-IFC Evaluation Guidelines for AS projects. She is now contributing to the development of an evaluation criteria for World Bank ASA (Advisory Services and Analytics) projects.

Belen has produced several learning products (LPs) IFC’s Additionality (TTL), Lessons in IFC (co-TTL), Linking AS-IS (co-TTL) as well as contributed to IEG major evaluation reports such as Industry Competitiveness and Jobs. She recently led, on the IEG side, the highly relevant joint LP on IFC’s Work Quality.

Prior to joining IEG, Belen worked at IFC at the Grassroots Business Department and before that at the SME Department. Belen holds a MBA from American University.