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The World Bank Group’s Early Support to Addressing the Coronavirus (COVID-19): Economic Response (April 2020-June 2021)


CAT DDO catastrophe deferred drawdown option

CERC contingent emergency response component

DPF development policy financing

DPO development policy operation

DSA debt sustainability analysis

EBF extrabudgetary fund

EOC Emergency Operations Center

ESF Environmental and Social Framework

FTCF Fast-Track COVID-19 Facility

GDP gross domestic product

GP Global Practice

IDA International Development Association

IEG Independent Evaluation Group

IFC International Finance Corporation

IMF International Monetary Fund

IPF investment project financing

LIC low-income country

MIGA Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MPA Multiphase Programmatic Approach

MSME micro, small, and medium enterprise

PGC Philippine Guarantee Corporation

SDG Sustainable Development Goal

WHO World Health Organization

All dollar amounts are US dollars unless otherwise indicated.