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Reducing Disaster Risks from Natural Hazards


The evaluation was led by Lauren Kelly, lead evaluation officer, and Stephen Hutton, senior evaluation officer, under the guidance of Marialisa Motta, manager, and Carmen Nonay, director, Finance, Private Sector, Infrastructure, and Sustainable Development, and under the overall guidance of Alison Evans, Director-General, Evaluation. The core evaluation team consisted of Joy Butscher, Floris Dalemans, Valerie Herzog, Sally Judson, Xiaoyi Lu, Kavita Mathur, Daniel Palazov, Sanittawan (Nikki) Tan, Mees van der Werf, and Jingwen Zheng. Romayne Pereira provided administrative support. Case study authors include Joy Butscher, Sandra P. Camacho Otero, and Victor Vergara (the Philippines); John Kevin Crockford (Ethiopia, India, Nepal); Floris Dalemans (Armenia, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States); Andres Liebenthal and Mees van der Werf (Mozambique); and J. W. van Holst Pellekaan (Morocco, Romania). Background papers on key disaster risk reduction approaches were prepared by Andrew Maskrey (resilient infrastructure) and John Crowley and Xiaoyi Lu (early-warning systems). Joseph Leitmann provided technical advice and institutional knowledge. Estelle Rosine Raimondo, senior evaluation officer, and Ariya Hagh, extended term consultant, provided methodological contributions and guidance, and Harsh Anuj, data scientist, provided data science inputs. The report was peer reviewed by Katie Peters, senior research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute, and Paola Albrito, chief of Intergovernmental Processes, Interagency Cooperation, and Partnerships Branch, United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction. The Independent Evaluation Group evaluation team and management thank all World Bank staff and management and the government representatives who provided valuable input to this report.