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Results and Performance of the World Bank Group 2020


Rasmus Heltberg, task manager, led the work for this report under the supervision of Alison Evans, Director-General, Evaluation. The core team included Mariana Branco, Claudia Figueroa Huidobro, Gaby Loibl, Xiaoxiao Peng, Stephen Porter, Melvin P. Vaz, Alena Lappo Voronetskaya, and Yi Yao.

Other Independent Evaluation Group colleagues also made valuable contributions, including Harsh Anuj, Ana Belen Barbeito, Leonardo Alfonso Bravo, Eric Cruikshank, Unurjargal Demberel, Hiroyuki Hatashima, Estelle Raimondo, Santiago Ramirez Rodriguez, Luis Alvaro Sanchez, Shiva Sharma, and Ichiro Toda.

Maximillian Ashwill was the lead editor. Amanda O’Brien was the production editor, and Luísa Ulhoa oversaw the graphic design work. William Stebbins and Shantana Shahid guided the communications strategy. JESS3 created the graphics.

The Independent Evaluation Group’s quality enhancement panel included Alison Evans, Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez, and Andrew Stone. The external advisory panel included Professor Dr. Jörg Faust, director of the Deval German Institute for Development Evaluation; Tamar Manuelyan Atinc, retired World Bank staff; and Hans M. Boehmer, retired World Bank staff and adjunct faculty, Columbia University.