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Mobilizing Technology for Development


This evaluation was prepared under the leadership of Soniya Carvalho, Stephan Wegner, and Mitko Grigorov. The team consisted of Amshika Amar, Amitava Banerjee, Andrew Bent, Yue Chen, Anis Dani, Arunjana Das, Shahrokh Fardoust, Breda Griffith, John Heath, Morgan Holmes, Anjali Kumar, Andres Liebenthal, Kristin Little, Johan Lopez, Daniel Palazov, Xiaoxiao Peng, Mari Noelle Roquiz, Paul Schapper, Shiva Sharma, Anthony Tyrrell, Shahid Yusuf, and Disha Zaidi.

The peer reviewers for the evaluation were Monika Huppi (principal adviser in the Evaluation Office of the Inter-American Development Bank), Charles Kenny (director of Technology and Development at the Center for Global Development), and Romain Murenzi (former science minister for Rwanda and current executive director of the World Academy of Sciences for the Advancement of Science in Developing Countries, Italy).

Collaboration on human resources analysis with the Development Economics, Development Data Group, in particular Haishan Fu and Craig Hammer, is gratefully acknowledged. Advice from Nagy Hanna, Rasmus Heltberg, Manuel Penalver, Luis Alvaro Sanchez, and Jozef Leonardus Vaessen is much appreciated. The team is indebted to World Bank Group staff who shared their insights, perspectives, and time.

Data analytics support was provided by the Chennai team, led by Bhagyam Chandrasekharan. Gaby Loibl provided team support. Maximillian Ashwill provided content coaching, and William Hurlbut edited the report.