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Mobilizing Technology for Development


AI artificial intelligence

ASA advisory services and analytics

CASA Central Asia–South Asia

CHIP Connect, Harness, Innovate, Protect

CoP Community of Practice

COVID-19 coronavirus

CPF Country Partnership Framework

CV curriculum vitae

DE4A Digital Economy for Africa

DEC Development Economics

DECDG Development Economics, Development Data Group

DTT disruptive and transformative technologies

FY fiscal year

GEMS Geo-Enabling for Monitoring and Supervision

ICT information and communication technology

IDA International Development Association

ID4D Identification for Development

IEG Independent Evaluation Group

IFC International Finance Corporation

IT information technology

ITS Information and Technology Solutions

MDDT Mainstreaming Digital and Disruptive Technologies

MNA Middle East and North Africa

SCD Systematic Country Diagnostic

TMT Telecoms, Media, and Technology

All dollar amounts are US dollars unless otherwise indicated.