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World Bank Group Gender Strategy Mid-Term Review


This review was prepared by an Independent Evaluation Group team led by Susan Caceres and Stephen Porter under the overall direction of Oscar Calvo-Gonzalez, director of the Human Development and Economic Management Department, with the guidance and supervision of Galina Sotirova, manager of the Corporate and Human Development Department. Members of the core Mid-Term Review team include Anthony Martin Tyrell, Disha Zaidi, Donna Podems, Eija Pehu, Aurora Medina Siy, and Daniel Palazov. Yezena Yimer, Jean Jacques Alain Ildevert Ahouansou, and Rocío Manchado Garabito assisted with logistical aspects of key informant interviews and focus groups. Janet Billson conducted focus groups and synthesized the findings. Elena Bardasi provided valuable comments and guidance related to the Concept Note, methods, analysis, and reporting. William Hurlbut provided editorial support. Yezena Yimer led the production of the Concept Note and the final report.