The Management Action Record (MAR) is a key element of the World Bank Group’s accountability framework. The MAR supports accountability in the follow-up of Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) evaluation recommendations by enabling meaningful tracking, dialogue, and self-assessment of World Bank Group management’s implementation of IEG recommendations.

This document:

  1. describes a reform of the MAR which aims to address shortcomings in the previous MAR system through more focus on the outcomes sought by IEG recommendations.
  2. validates a self-evaluation done by Bank Group management of their implementation of past IEG recommendations, and
  3. served as IEG’s input to a discussion by the World Bank Group Boards' Committee on Development Effectiveness.

The Committee on Development Effectiveness endorsed the MAR reform at its meeting on September 25, 2020. Following the meeting’s decisions, two evaluations for which IEG and management had not reached agreement will continue to be tracked under the MAR.

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View the archive of the old dataset that captured the implementation of Word Bank Group Action Plans and ratings of the implementation both by IEG and World Bank Group between calendar years 2012 -2018. View an explanation of MAR on the main MAR page.

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