The IEG Good Practice Awards highlight exemplary design and implementation in World Bank projects and country programs, and excellence in self-evaluation in World Bank, IFC and MIGA operations. The purpose is to create incentives among staff for greater development effectiveness.

2013 IEG Good Practice Award Winners

Country Program Award for a Fragile State (Specific Aspects)

  •  Afghanistan Country Program, Fiscal 2002-11

Country Program Award for Treatment of Governance and Anti-Corruption Issues

  • Bangladesh Country Program, Fiscal 2006-10

Project Award

  • Guatemala Financial Sector Project

Award for Products with a Demonstrated Contribution


  • India Gujarat State Highway Project


  • China 'Reducing Inequality for Shared Growth In China: Strategy and Policy Options for Guangdong Province'

M&E Quality Award

  • Operations Policy and Country Services (OPCS) analysis of outcome trends in investment lending projects over Fiscal 2000-10.  

ICR Quality Award

  • Serbia Real Estate Cadastre and Registration Project Implementation Completion Report (ICR) (Report No. ICR 2076)
  • Benin Malaria Control Booster Program ICR (Report No. ICR 2042)

XPSR Awards

  • Endesa Brasil
  • Stomana II (Bulgaria)
  • Access GEM (Nigeria)
  • PNOC (EDC) (Philippines)
  • GeoPark (Latin America)

PCR Awards

  • BTC Advisory (Botswana)
  • Zambia Kafue Gorge Lower Hydroelectric Power Plan

XPSR Department Award

  • Infrastructure and Natural Resources Department – Asia

PER Award

  • Botnia Uruguay
  • Société Burkinabé de Promotion Hôtelière S.A. (Burkina Faso)