Monitoring and Evaluation: A Closer Look

-Involves continuous or ongoing collection and analysis of information about implementation to review progress;
-Compares actual progress with what was planned so that adjustments can be made in implementation; and
-Is an internal activity that is the responsibility of those who manage implementation procedures, thus representing  a good management practice.

-Is a periodic assessment of the relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and/or sustainability of an activity or intervention;
-Is a systematic search for answers about an intervention (project, program, or policy); and
-Measures the effects of an intervention and compares them with the goals and objectives of the intervention.

Evaluation Capacity Development (ECD) efforts strengthen and sustain both individuals and organizations to:

  • Access, build, and implement evaluative knowledge and skills;
  • Design, implement, and manage effective evaluation processes and findings; and
  • Use evaluations as a performance improvement tool.

By cultivating a spirit of continual learning and capacity development, organizations are able to guide their own team members, stakeholders, and others along a more direct path to program effectiveness and accountability.  ECD also fosters the implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) knowledge and practices.

M&E, an essential component of results-based management, provides information for designing, implementing, and assessing the results of government, civil society, and private sector policies, programs, and projects.  Used well, M&E can help policymakers and program managers determine what works, what is not working, and why. 

M&E in the public sector can also:

  • Support evidence-based policymaking, particularly in the context of national budget cycle and national planning;  
  • Guide ministries and agencies in managing activities at the sector, program, and project levels, including service delivery to beneficiaries; and
  • Enhance accountability and transparency.


UPDATE: International Program for Development Evaluation Training (IPDET): Note: Announcement Regarding important developments related to the International Program for Development Evaluation Training from IEG Director General Caroline Heider