Agriculture and Agribusiness


Agriculture and Agribusiness


One billion people around the world are still chronically poor. Agricultural growth and productivity remains central to poverty reduction, particularly in the poorest countries, where a large share of the population relies on agriculture and agribusiness for their livelihood.

In recent years, IEG has undertaken a series of evaluations of World Bank Group’s support to agriculture, rural development and agribusiness and other relevant fields such as rural finance, land redistribution, safeguards and sustainability policies, and competitive grant schemes. These evaluations aim to provide an opportunity for the institution to learn from the past experiences and to inform emerging strategies and programs.

Effect of a 1 Percent Increase in Crop Yields on Poverty Reduction
Region % of populuation in poverty # in poverty (millions Reduction in # of poor in relation to a 1% yield increase
East Asia 15 278 0.48
South Asia 40 522 0.48
Sub-Saharan Africa 46 291 0.72
Latin America 16 78 0.10
Middle East and North America 7 21 _
Eastern Europe and Central Asia 5 24 _
Sources: World Bank 2005a, citing Thirtle, Lin, and Piesse 2003; Thirtle and Piesse 2007.
Note: Based on 2001 World Bank data.