Event Venue: World Bank Headquarters, I Building, Room: I 1-200

Headlines of increasing capital concentration and inequality have come to define the global policy debate as actors and institutions struggle to translate notional commitments to inclusion into concrete and tangible changes for people. Since its introduction in 2013, the World Bank has made a significant effort to incorporate the shared prosperity goal into its various products and services, across regions, global practices and World Bank Group institutions. However, the challenging global environment implies that continued attention, adaptation, and collaboration will be needed to ensure success of the new shared prosperity agenda.

Join our panel of academic and technical experts as they discuss concrete actions that can be undertaken by the World Bank Group to guarantee the long-term attainment of this pivotal goal.  The event will also highlight findings from IEG’s recent evaluation on shared prosperity: Growth for the Bottom 40 Percent: The World Bank Group’s Support for Shared Prosperity.

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Additional details on the event will be posted briefly.

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